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Boh Plantations





Boh Plantations will be conducting a school children assistance program for their estates workers'
children for the preparation of school opening. BOH has been a leading tea producer in Malaysia since 1929.

One of the few fully-integrated tea companies in the world, BOH grows, processes,
packs and markets its own brand of authentic, home-grown, Malaysian teas.

As a longstanding market leader in the region, consumption of BOH teas is ingrained in community life
and BOH continues to maintain their position at the top by staying abreast of
evolving consumer needs, aspirations, lifestyles and adapting their collections to suit.

It’s a new era for BOH as they extend our reach in delivering distinctive teas to both domestic and
international tea lovers through our website.

BOH export premium teas to various countries including the USA, Denmark, Germany, South
Korea,Taiwan, Japan, Singapore and Brunei so consumers overseas get the opportunity to revel in a
truly Malaysian tea experience.